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New Gantry Purchased for use in the Cemetery

New Gantry Purchased for use in the Cemetery

A new Gantry Crane has been purchased primarily for use at the Cemetery to lay down or part bury any unstable or broken headstones that may be causing concern to Council staff and visitors to the cemetery.

All authorities' who are responsible for the maintenance of a Cemetery have a duty of care and must carry out memorial safety inspections which involve laying flat or partially burying all unsafe memorials especially those that have structural supports fitted to them. This work will not only ensure the safety of the memorials but also by removing the make safes and unsightly warning notices it will help to improve the overall look of the Cemetery.

Parish Council Chairman Barry Granger said "We take the safety of our staff and all visitors to the cemetery very seriously. Unfortunately, some of the headstones are getting very old, many now without family members to look after them so it is necessary that we act to make them safe before anyone gets hurt or badly damaged".

Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 12:33 by Deputy Clerk

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